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Donti is young linen and home decor brand. Its owner manages several web stores under the Donti brand - Povlečení Donti, Donti pro rodinu, Donti obliečky.

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To create a comprehensive system that can be easily expanded. To focus on automation process with logistics, storages and web store communication. Manipulation with web store should take the shortest time possible and we should automatize everything that can be automatized.


From the beginning the system was created in a more complex way than other web stores.

The task was to connect several specific web storest to one central system in only a fraction of time. We chose the Stormware Pohoda version E1 which according to all analysed information appeared to be one of the best functioning solutions with the ability to connect external systems in this price level.

All product data are kept in the economic system Pohoda. Mostly this data are automatically imported from XML files of several suppliers. They are exported into web store solution after manual adjustment and correction. At this moment there are 2 czech and 1 slovakian web stores using the system simultaneously. That proves the system is able to operate in different languages and convert currencies.

Orders are automatically transformed into Pohoda. The operator decides wheter to take care of the order manually or automatically by using eskládek. Eskládek is storing and logistic solution for web store operators. It can take care of goods from the beginning till the end of the whole process – including packaging, storage and delivery.

Setting up the new web store using this smart solution can be very fast and simple. It only takes few days. Operator can choose in which web store, language and currency the specific product appears.

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