Dynamic Rremarketing on Facebook


To increase number of conversions (orders) from remarketing campaigns and hold the PNO under 5%.


  1. To create remarketing campaigns in Facebook ads
  2. To create dynamic remarketing campaigns via PerfectAudience.com


We created a new type of remarketing campaign for our long-term client from the bathroom facilities industry. We acknowledged that using Facebook performance campaigns to provide conversions is possible. Not only it is a platform that is suitable for brand building and storytelling, it can gain loyalty from customers as well.

We have decided to use integrated Facebook Ads Manager for remarketing campaign aiming to raise credibility. That’s why we chose to base the campaign on the content section of the web store like ,the e-book download‘ or ,the bathroom configuration‘.

The best choice for the performance product was retargeting the PerfectAudience.com.. This website works on a similar basis as Google Adwords. It shows the previously viewed product by using XML export.

Within a month we generated income in the amount of 100 thousand czk with minimal PNO only by using facebook remarketing service.

  • Price of retargeting: $76.92 (1900 CZK)
  • Income: 103.556 CZK
  • PNO: 1,83 %

In this summary, you can see that the CTR considerably decreased when using the side advertisement section on Facebook. These campaigns showed significantly lower CTR than news feed campaigns but at the same time they had twice as many views.

dynamic retargeting


This is how the dynamic ads appear on facebook. The data comes directly from XML google shopping. Text advertisement may also be accompanied by the dynamic product information.

perfect audience adtvorba dynamického inzerátu


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