New air conditioners Olimpia Spledid were sold out

How the web store sold out the air conditioners a month earlier...

1. Executive Summary

For the summer season closed the deal with the Italian brand of mobile air conditioning Olimpia Splendid. Its air conditioners are characterized by sophisticated design, renowned brand, its quietness and compact dimensions.

First step in introducing the new brand on the market is to create awareness about it. We designed premium web for this first phase as well as short promotional video and the graphic banners for display campaigns.

mobilní klimatizace olimpia splendid

2. Objectives of the campaign

  • to sell imported Olimpia Splendid air conditioners
  • to increase online sales of the mobile air-conditioners in general
  • maintain the marketing costs under the 5% of turnover

3. Used marketing channels

Sales of air-conditioners are very specific because they depend on the weather. The target group is very large on the hottest days. That’s why we were carefully watching the weather forecast and switching on our advertising channels on hot days. For this reason, we mainly chose advertising via an Adwords, Facebook and Sklik.

Phase of increasing the awareness:

  • Video ads on YouTube (client only pays when the user watches the minimum length of 30 seconds)
  • Video ads on Facebook (high rate of CTR newsfeed is very beneficial)
  • Advertising in the magazine about housing and in the regional radio
  • Display ads on the Google Content Network

Phase of performance sales:

  • SEO - thanks to regular search engine optimization the web stores has very high ranking on keywords with air conditioning
  • PPC Adwords product campaigns (we used the Adwords weather scripts)
  • Google Shopping (higher bids for specific product offers and more expensive products)
  • Dynamic Retargeting in the Google Content Network and Facebook

4. Results of the campaign

  • Olimpia Splendid products were sold out after 1 month only
  • Total sales of air conditioners grew over 1.5 mil. in 1 month
  • Marketing costs were around 3% of turnover


Web traffic during hot summer days



Various marketing channels comparison


Youtube video ads


Facebook video ads


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