Setting up an advertisement campaign #1

Statistics provided in this case study are real. Domain can’t be mentioned because of the trade secret.


To significantly increase web store sales with maintaining advertisement costs on 10% of the profit. This percentage is different for each product range.


  1. Setting up PPC campaign with Google Adwords in searching site
  2. Setting up PPC campaign with Seznam Sklik in searching site
  3. Setting up remarketing campaigns in content site
  4. Campaign optimization for comparison shopping websites
  5. Products pairing on and

Ad groups in Sklik and Adwords contain about 100 ad groups and 8000 key words. Main targeted department is bathroom facilities, kitchens and dining rooms. Share costs with Sklik is about 6%, with Adwords about 10%.


With complete website redesigning we accomplished 243% year on year conversion rate increase.

Year on year increase of orders up to 600%.

In Sklik we accomplished amazing 3% PNO within 2 months.

PNO seznampno Adwords


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