Sales of 300 dental implants for the EsthetX dental clinic

Basic situation

Period: 1 March 2017 to 30 June 2017

In the spring we started working for EsthetX private dental clinic. The clinic is located in the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square and the head dentist is MUDr. Václav Kopecký. EsthetX performs top comprehensive dental care and Mr. Kopecký is a leading Czech dentist in the field of dental implants. The clinic operates the support website, on which Mr. Kopecký publishes useful articles on dental implants. At the same time, these sites serve as sales promotion for dental implants. The cost of carrying out dental implants is in the tens of thousands of crowns. Unfortunately, many competing dentists do not present the end costs of dental implants and neither for any associated procedures. This is what EsthetX is really trying to inform the public about.

The EsthetX clinic had not carried out an ad campaign on the internet at the start of our cooperation. It had only poor results with print advertising and on billboards in Prague.


  • Sale and carrying out of 300 dental implants
  • Advertisement costs up to CZK 100,000
  • Increase awareness of the clinic


The duration of the customer’s path from selecting and receiving dental implants is several weeks to months. It is thus necessary to build a relationship and trust with the potential candidate. We have divided the customer’s path into several phases - engage, creating awareness, building trust and call for action.

In each phase we designed different communication channels and types of content. For example, for awareness-raising, we distributed blog articles through Facebook. To build trust, we have remarketted the experiences of EsthetX doctors in the Sklika and Adwords content network. In the sales phase, we announced an offer 1 + 1 implant free of charge.

Specific steps implemented

  • Proposal of an online marketing strategy
  • Proposal of site edits to increase trustworthiness and conversion rate
  • Preparing and setting up acquisition advertising campaigns for Adwords, Sklik and Facebook Ads
  • Managing Adwords, Sklik, Facebook Ads advertising accounts
  • Evaluate the performance of individual advertising campaigns
  • Remarketing settings for different phases of the customer path
  • Creation of graphic banners for remarketing


  1. The performance goals of the marketing - sales of 300 implants within 3 months of initiating the cooperation.
  2. Thanks to the excellent campaign results, the one-time campaign has become a long-term sales promotion, and the advertising campaign is constantly running.
  3. 31,867 visits to the website during 4 months of the campaign
  4. In comparison to the 3 main advertising systems of Google, Seznam and Facebook, Sklik Seznam was the best according to us.
  5. Very surprisingly, the content acquisition ads targeted according to interests, geography, and demographics.

Client’s statement

The Next Vision Agency and Mr. Myšák addressed the demand to promote the emerging dental implant site. With online marketing, I only had experience so far through the distribution of emails and the publication of blog articles. Based on Mr. Myšák’s recommendation, I modified my website settings (and I found many deficiencies thanks to his analysis, which I’m already careful about). Next Vision prepared my campaign price offer, including investment proposal for advertising that matched my objective of gaining 300 new customers. I did not want the campaign results to be measured by the number of visits to the website but by the actual customers who actively responded to the call.

The total costs of the campaign was lower than I expected, so I increased them myself during the campaign when I saw specific results. The campaign was originally planned for 3 months, eventually extending it for another 2 months, resulting in more than double the number of new customers than planned. Not only those who were interested in our services, but those who actually ordered them. After five months, I had to end the campaign because we were unable to take on new customers due to capacity. And although the campaign has been running for months, there are still new customers learning about our campaign. Overall, I value the cooperation with Next Vision as not only very professional, but also very successful and beneficial, with very solid overhead costs and, on the contrary, a great benefit for my company, both in the process of actively acquiring new customers and in terms of the long-term development concept of the company. This is why I can recommend Next Vision’s  services with a clear conscience.

MUDr. Václav Kopecký, head dentist of the clinic


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