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Case studies and customer (client) stories

Sales of 300 dental implants for the EsthetX dental clinic

Basic situation Period: 1 March 2017 to 30 June 2017 In the spring we started working for EsthetX private dental clinic. The clinic is located in the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square and the head dentist is MUDr. Václav Kopecký. EsthetX performs top comprehensive dental care and Mr. Kopecký is a leading Czech dentist in the field of...

Performance of Facebook campaign for CZK 600,000

Direct online sale of cream set - How to carry out a Facebook campaign for CZK 600,000 Hydroface is a line of creams to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. It is only available through direct internet sales and women buy it literally all over the world. For an idea  – the set price in the Czech Republic is CZK 1,030. Our foreign...

New air conditioners Olimpia Spledid were sold out

How the web store sold out the air conditioners a month earlier... 1. Executive Summary For the summer season closed the deal with the Italian brand of mobile air conditioning Olimpia Splendid. Its air conditioners are characterized by sophisticated design, renowned brand, its quietness and compact dimensions. First...

Dynamic Rremarketing on Facebook

Objective To increase number of conversions (orders) from remarketing campaigns and hold the PNO under 5%. Solution To create remarketing campaigns in Facebook ads To create dynamic remarketing campaigns via Results We created a new type of remarketing campaign for our long-term client from the bathroom...

Setting up an advertisement campaign #1

Statistics provided in this case study are real. Domain can’t be mentioned because of the trade secret. Objective To significantly increase web store sales with maintaining advertisement costs on 10% of the profit. This percentage is different for each product range. Solution Setting up PPC campaign with Google Adwords in searching...

Vzdušín Wasn’t Able to Handle Orders

Objective To increase year on year sales by at least 50 % by using any marketing activity. Keep marketing costs under 5 % of the profit. Solution Substantial expansion of Google Adwords PPC campaign in searching site Creating and setting up Google Shopping SEO on page optimization SEO link building Setting up remarketing...

Donti, Expandability of Ecommerce

Donti is young linen and home decor brand. Its owner manages several web stores under the Donti brand - Povlečení Donti, Donti pro rodinu, Donti obliečky. Objective To create a comprehensive system that can be easily expanded. To focus on automation process with logistics, storages and web store communication. Manipulation with web store...

The case study: From zero to thousand in 4 months

Objective To build a specialized web store. To work on the marketing mix and increase the sales and keep the advertising costs to 15 % of the sales. Solution Design and implementation of the web store Setting up the PPC campaigns in the search networks Setting up the remarketing campaigns in the content network Setting up the...

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