The case study: From zero to thousand in 4 months


To build a specialized web store. To work on the marketing mix and increase the sales and keep the advertising costs to 15 % of the sales.


  1. Design and implementation of the web store
  2. Setting up the PPC campaigns in the search networks
  3. Setting up the remarketing campaigns in the content network
  4. Setting up the campaigns for the comparison shopping websites
  5. SEO – the linkbuilding


During the four first months of the site reached traffic over 1000 a week. We used automated imports, content edits by owners and corrections from our side to enable this rapid rise.

On the chart below you can see how smoothly the organic traffic that came through the organic search increased. Indexation in search engines was done very welll. Due to the higher cost of goods and higher margins we were immeditely able to use the paid channels - Google Adwords and the Seznam Sklik. Share of the cost in turnover in these campaigns was approximately 8%.

The overall conversion rate of the web store was moving around 0.8%. For the range of the bathroom equipment this value is slightly above the average. Here you can see some partial conversion ratios.

The progress was followed by gradual ingrowth sales. This reflects their disintegration to individual traffic sources. The specific figures are not mentioned.

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