The case study: Home appliances advertisment on and Heureka Product ADS

The Luxel home appliances are sold on the Czech market from the beginning of the past year. The importer decided to sell the products exclusively via the internet on his web store. This task was not the easy one as the brand was yet unknown and the promotion budget was low but we made it! How? Read more.

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  • Substantially increase sales

  • Sell out all stocked goods from the stock

  • With monthly campaign budget of 10 000 CZK


  • We created another web store with prices automatically increased by 20 %. This web was set up to serve customers as the benchmark so they could have adequate overview on prices. Otherwise the customer would not have the sufficient insight of the price level of the products. In general customers have a lower tendency to trust a discount if they can‘t verify it.

  • We started to advertise on Heureka Product ADS. This new format for brand representatives was launched this summer. Perfect for the introduction of new brands to the market.

  • As this format is very new, not many brands noticed it so the CPC is low.

  • This format serves well to retailers who sell the product themselves. It supports the entire product card with all the vendors.

  • Due to products low prices, factory outlet and events we have decided to advertise through a discount aggregator It allows web stores to import and promote their xml feed with special offers.

  • has proved to be the appropriate advertising channel for cheap household appliances.

Heureka results

  • Sales from Heureka for the reference month of September (off-season) annually increased by 430% and in comparison with the previous month there was an increase of 300%.

  • Cost – 3 200 CZK (Product ADS + clicks on Heureka)

  • 55 000 views and 550 clicks

  • Heureka Product Ads proved to be very efficient resulsts

  • There was 15 direct orders that came through and then another 14 orders where provided the assisted conversions (without the assisted conversion there would mostl likely be no new order at all)

  • Cost – 4 000 CZK (

  • According to our experience the discount aggregator is the best solution for fire-sale events (where the trader is trying to sell out stocked goods) or as in our case, when it has monopolistic high margins. We can't estimate the effectiveness for big brands at the moment.

This procedure shows how important is following the new trends in online advertising. We also appreciate the support of Heureka and

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