Vzdušín Wasn’t Able to Handle Orders


To increase year on year sales by at least 50 % by using any marketing activity. Keep marketing costs under 5 % of the profit.


  1. Substantial expansion of Google Adwords PPC campaign in searching site
  2. Creating and setting up Google Shopping
  3. SEO on page optimization
  4. SEO link building
  5. Setting up remarketing campaign in content site
  6. Campaigns optimization for comparison shopping websites
  7. Pairing products via heureka.cz and zbozi.cz
  8. Facebook marketing
  9. Email marketing

Advertisement campaign in Adwords now contains over 180 ad groups and 1700 key words. According to the results from previous periods Seznam Sklik didn’t reach expected return. That’s why we used it for local searching and content network remarketing. Despite the small and specialized range E-commerce reaches considerably high turnover.


We have surpassed the expectation significantly. We increased conversion rate with Adwords campaign to 74 % and sales with 100 %. We were able to keep the ratio of revenues and expenses under 5 %.

Comparison of transactions and sales in Adwords campaigns:



Extension of the offer caused 100 % increase of revenues from all online channels. Optimization of comparison shopping websites, continuous SEO, Google Shopping and remarketing also contributed in this increased marketing performance. 

Comparing media in a linear attribution: 

Facebook performance campaign also reached great results. It was designed to remind customers about replacement filters and remarketing for returning customers.

vzdusin facebook marketing

Although we also made one bad move. We invested 10 thousand czk to purchase bulk e-mail newsletter. We have sent newsletter to 100 thousand email addresses. Traffic gained from the emailing reached only 18 thousand. It unfortunately didn’t fulfill our expectation.

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