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Paid Content

Even the greatest advertisement is still only an advertisement. Review by real customer or recommendation by authority in the field is what makes the sales, turnover and profit grow. Where can you get reviewers and how to approach authorities to write about you?

We can help you. We are experienced. We run pay per post system and online advertisement market LinkMonitor – where over 5000 verified bloggers are waiting for your content to be reviewed, so they can publish articles with links to your website or store. The principle is simple – you suggest the theme and we pick the blogger that releases the article. Of course we supervise it to make sure everything goes well.

Why invest into paid content?

1. Get new customers. Persuasive customer review sells. Readers don’t percieve it as an advertisement and become one.

2. Improve your position in search engines. Every link in SEO counts. Search engines love links from per post system.

3. Strengthen your brand. If you are on customers eyes then you are remembered by them. If customers remember you then they are buying. More articles mean bigger awareness.

There you go! Only three out of many more reasons to give it a go! Let’s talk about the rest! Coffee is on us!

Why paid content from us?

We run 2 large web markets of on-line advertisement

Člá and LinkMonitor. We help you pick the right reviewers and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We have contacts to field bloggers,

who can spread your name on the internet.

We design suitable strategy for you

We create publication plan – when, where, what and who.

Small or big? We promise to give your business the best care.

Did you spend 10 or 100 thousand with us? We don’t see any difference. Every client gets 100% attention!

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