Video Marketing

Online is the most watched TV channel

Price from 5000 CZK

Video Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Who is first? Google, its owner. Facebook just passed an important milestone with more than one billion people using this social network in a single day. On both of these platforms people watch videos to have fun and learn. Sell them something while they’re having fun.

The video advertisment rules the world. It adds credibility to your brand and sells very well. Video marketings targets exactly where you need it. Facebook uses autoplay, that’s why every user scrolling his timeline will see the video. Use it in your favor – choose where you target your advertisment. We make the video add for you and distribute it via YouTube, Facebook, Adwords and Power Editor. Prices start at 1 CZK per view.

Why should you use the video marketing?

1. You advertise on the most popular TV channel. Young people from15 to 34 are watching YouTube more than any other media. Reach your target group by age, interests or location.

2. You improve your search engine ranking. YouTube videos are included in Google SERP. That makes it relatively easy to improve your search engine rankings.

3. You pay per view. During the first 30 seconds you advertise for free while users can't even skip the first 5. That’s a great deal for you and your business.

There you go! Only three out of many reasons to give it a go! Let's talk about the rest! The coffee is on us!

Why you should get the video marketing from us?

We prepare and edit your video

Do you have your own material? We can either use that or create animated instructional video. Postproduction included.

We design your strategy and distribute the video

We propose suitable comments and tags for your video and place it on Facebook and YouTube.

We analyze the data

Number of views is not the only indicator of success. We analyze all data and how they effect your brand image.

We can re-dit the video according to the demand

Despite all the efforts and surveys you didn't reach your target group? Let’s re-edit the video and make it more interesting.

Small or big? We promise to give your business the best care.

Spending 10 or 100 thousand with us? There’s no difference. Every client gets 100 % attention!

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