Display Advertising

Build your brand. Discover the strengts of display advertising.

Price from 6000 CZK

Display Advertising

It’s essential to know your customers well. Only then you can offer them great customized service. Advertising in the content network of Google, Seznam and Facebook can find them anywhere they are and offer the most relevant content.

What’s included in the display advertising service? Banner display, performance-based advertising or branding campaign to raise your brand awareness. There’s two types of payment options for PPC campaigns while you decide what’s more convenient for your business. Pay per click or pay for impression. You target your customer according to their interests and location. Discover the strenght of display advertising with us.

Why should you invest in display advertising?

1. You target your customer. Why show strollers to teenage geeks? Let us help you with your targeting.

2. Make yourself visible. Be original and be seen. Let people know about your business.

3. Pay for performance. If it’s either the 1000 of clicks or just one. You always know what you pay for.

There you go! Only three out of many reasons to give it a go! Let's talk about the rest! The coffee is on us!

Why should you do display advertising with us?

We cover various segments

We don’t use just one search engine. We can get your advertisement almost everywhere.

Small ad or huge campaign

We can do both and we promise to always give it 100 %!

We’re creative

Your customers will never confuse your ad with your competition. We’re not copycats! We understand your customers and we can impress them all.

We target well

We know where your audience is. Let’s go there too!

We have experience

Many campaigns - good and bad ones. Our previous experience will help you avaid unnecessary mistakes.

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