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Hit the bull’s eye: right product to the right customer

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E-mail marketing

Do you send newsletters to your customers on a regular basis? Good. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that you do email marketing. Email marketing is more than just sending business offers to everyone in your mailing list. Its purpose is to build relationship between you and your customers. It should be able to spread awareness about your brand and to sell the right items to the right people.

We can take care of your email marketing from A to Z. We design the integrated concept and strategy. We manage your contact database, plan the mailing schedule and prepare targeted campaigns that look great not only in free email clients (, and desktop services (Outlook) but also on mobile devices.

Why email marketing?

1. It’s inexpensive. Why spend money on new customers and compete with competition in browsers or comparison shopping websites when you can simply reach customers from various places.

2. You hit the bull’s eye. Sex, age, education, last purchase, last web store visit. Target your email campaign according to your needs. Better targeting for better results.

3. Measure your results immediatelly. Successful campaign isn’t set by estimations. Track your customers behavior in only few clicks.

There you go! Only three out of many more reasons to give it a go! Let’s talk about the rest! Coffee is on us!

Why you should get the email marketing service from us?

Collective email is not “collective” with us

We work with segments and targeting.

We prevent problems

We clean databases and reactivate mailings on a regular basis. Our campaigns end up where they need to – in the mailbox, not the spam folder.

We don’t buy databases

We work on acquisitions of our own contacts. We don’t like spam either!

We use specialised tools

We use mailing tools as Mailchimp, Smarteamling, Padiact. We are professionals.

Email automatization

We start the mailing based on constomers actions and automatize campaigns in Mautic.

Small or big? We promise to give your business the best care.

Did you spend 10 or 100 thousand with us? We don’t see any difference. Every client gets 100% attention!

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